Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, has had its debut, and is now becoming one of the top ’boutique’ travel destinations in the world. Forbes called Manuel Antonio National Park one of the ’12 Most Beautiful National Parks of the World’. Trip Advisor rated Manuel Antonio beach as the ‘#1 Beach in Central America’.

Manuel Antonio is also home to one of the ‘1000 Places to See Before You Die.’ With such credentials-Manuel Antonio is bound to have some spectacular views. Here is our list:

10: Playa Espadilla
The southern end of Manuel Antonio’s main public beach, Playa Espadilla, is west-facing, and the best place to see the sunset from the beach between April and September.

322_costa-rica-manuel-antonio-13297950049: El Avion
El Avion is the most idiosyncratic restaurants in Manuel Antonio, built around a huge Fairchild C-123. Its huge, open seating provides ample views of the ocean and islands.

8: Bisanz Beach
Though it takes a 10-minute hike to get there, Bisanz Bay is surrounded by rainforested hills and the distant Talamanca mountains, enshrouded in misty haze.

7: Parque Nahomi
While rough around The Edges, Parque Nahomi, located just past the Pez Vela marina outside of Quepos, has an amazing location, with 270-degree views of the coastline and open ocean. Great place for a picnic!

6: Barba Roja
The Barba Roja is the type of place where the crowd bursts into applause when the sun goes down. Its central location, live music and cold drinks makes it a popular venue, even if it didn’t have the views!

manuel_antonio_25: Ronny’s Place
A rustic restaurant down a bumpy road, Ronny’s Place has front-row seating for drinks and sunsets.

4: Cathedral Point
Iconic Cathedral Point is the famous point jutting out from Manuel Antonio national park. An easy 20-minute hike takes visitors from the nucleus of the park to the lookout point.

3: Playitas
The locals’ name for the north end of Playa Espadilla is ‘Playitas’. It is separated from the main public beach by a huge rock formation, from which one can get a 360-degree perspective of the beach and bay. Note: Take caution if you climb!

2: Hotel Mariposa
One of the ‘1000 Places to Visit Before You Die’, the Hotel Mariposa has a unique location atop the trunk of Quepos Point, with ocean views both to the north and the south, and a great restaurant from which to appreciate them.

1: VP Private Resort
Manuel Antonio’s most iconic vacation rental is located directly in the center of town, with 5 acres of gardens, mango trees and coconut palms. The 8-bedroom vacation rental property boasts year-round sunset ocean views over a rainforest-covered hill, miles of coastline, and the distant mountains.

Source: WWTravelWorld

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