Second French Riviera resort follows Cannes as mayor calls Muslim beachwear ‘unwelcome’

(Q24N) World News –  Villeneuve-Loubet is the second French Riviera resort to announce a ban against “burkinis”, following Cannes as mayor Lionnel Luca calls Muslim beachwear ‘unwelcome’.

So far on France has prohibited the full-body swimsuits worn by some Muslim women was for sanitary reasons.

“In France, one does not come to the beach dressed to display religious convictions,” the Villeneuve-Loubet mayor said.

“I was told that there was a couple on one of our beaches where the wife was swimming fully dressed, and I considered that unacceptable for hygienic reasons and unwelcome given the general situation,” he told the AFP news agency.

Luca did not stipulate how the ban would be enforced, only saying that the new local by-law stipulates that only clothing that “is respectful to morality and secular principles, and in compliance with hygiene and safety rules” is allowed.

Cannes announced its decision last week, also citing “secularism”, while a water park in Marseille cancelled an event for women wearing burkinis after organisers received death threats.

Source: Intependent.co.uk

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