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Photo for illustrative purposes

TODAY CUBA (ACN) Traffic accidents continued to claim lives in Cuba with a total of 615 by the end of October, an average of eight fatal victims in every 10 accidents, according to the Cuban Interior Ministry.

The accidents occurred this year resulted in 6 thousand 755 injured plus the deaths, which has had strong impact in society, said the secretary of the National Road Security Commission, Oscar del Toro, who noted that as an average two persons die in traffic accidents daily, while 22 are injured in such events.

The violation of the rights on the road, distractions, excessive speed and other actions are major causes for the accidents.

The National Road Security Commission is currently implementing measures to counter the problems, including more rigorous technical inspection of vehicles.

A recent World Health Organization report says that half the mortal victims of traffic accidents are pedestrians, motorists and cyclists, and that this is the major cause of death in ages between 15 and 29.

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