Today,  some 55.000 public sector employees started their day with their new hours, showing up at work at 7am instead of 8am.  Local television news Telenoticias gave us this morning a sneak preview of what will be for sometime, rather than diminishing, traffic congestion in San José started one earlier.

The measure of starting and quitting one hour earlier (starting today civil servants work from 7 to 3 instead of 8 to 4)  was put in place by the current administration to ease traffic congestion for the next two months following the closure of the Circunvalación, between Hatillo 8 and Pavas, during the next two months.

The plan includes putting into place longer work days and a shorter week starting in ten days.

But will the plan really work?

The news footage showed us the streets in areas surrounding the Circunvalación, like La Sabana’s Calle Morenos and Hatillo 8, were just as congested as yesterday, just earlier.

The collapse of the a section of the Circunvalación has, without a doubt, affected everyone in the country, including visitors who have to leave earlier for the airport to not miss their return home flight due to the traffic chaos.

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