They sit idle doing nothing while Traffic officials complain about the lack of patrol vehicles. In some cases, a number of patrol vehicles have been sitting in the Tránsito yard in Zapote for up to six months.

German Marín, the recently appointed director of the Policia de Tránsito, says it is a matter of economics, there isn’t money in the budget to fix them.

However, a number of Transitos say that is just part of the waste that goes on within the police department, a division of the Ministerio de Obras Publicas y Transportes (MOPT), a ministry mired in controversy and corruption.

Marín was replaced by Cesar Quiros at the start of the Chinchilla administration in 2010, who was replaced by Diego Herrero earlier this year.

Both Quiros and Herrero have been said to be paper shufflers within the MOPT and with no experience in running a police department. Thus Marín, a career Tránsito, was brough back by the administration.

The situation Marín found after an almost three years absence is deplorable. A total of 15 units are stranded, needing repairs and no parts or worse no one knows who is responsbible for their repair.

A number of Tránsitos, on the basis of remaning anonymous in fear of reprisals, said that 15 units are sitting stranded, needing repairs, with no parts available and no one knowing who is responsible for getting them repaired. “What happened to the money and which are the authorized mechanic shops?”, collectively they ask rhetorically.

Director Marín assured the press on Thursday that a number of units will be rolling again in days. There are units that simply need a brake job and that in February all the units will be back on the streets serving society.

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