The boulevard or pedestrian walkway in the area of the Legislative Assembly is a magnet for illegally parked vehicles.

Q COSTA RICA – Drivers insist on parking in areas such as boulevards and any space to squeeze into rather than pay for space in a lot. The illegally parked vehicles no doubt add to San Jose’s inner-city traffic congestion.

The Policia de Transito (Traffic Police) with its limited resources of manpower, has done what it can to stop this practice, issuing some 3, 3.340 parking tickets in first 79 days of the year.

The average is 42 tickets a day.

The director of the Policia de Transito, Mario Calderon, explains that his officials have been ticketing cars illegally parked in all areas, not just the boulevards – the pedestrian walkways – like that around the Legislative Assembly building that daily converts into an impromptu parking lot.

Helping out the Transito officials is the San Jose Municipal Police, authoritez by the Traffic Police to issue parking tickets, that keep an eye on illegally parked cars around the clock.

A fine for illegal parking is ¢51,000 colones, plus costs if the vehicle is towed, that can include tow fees and storage.

Calderon emphasizes that they will attempt to remove (tow) vehicles blocking access, where possible and fine the others and that his officials could issue multiple tickets (on the same day) to a ticketed vehicle that is moved and again parked illegally.

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