Illuminated signs by the side of a public road are illegal.
Illuminated signs by the side of a public road are illegal. Photo from Facebook.

QCOSTARICA – Will the Policia de Transito (traffic police) fine the Cosevi and the Mopt? It should, but, highly unlikely. And if it does, who gets the fine? The company operating the sign or the state agency?

The ministry of Transport (Mopt) and the roads safety council (Cosevi) have contracted a mobile sign company to display their message of not using a cellular phone while driving.

The message is fine, but, the sign is not. It is illegal.

By order for the former minister of transport, Carlos Segnini, illuminated mobile signs are not permitted by the side of  (or visible) a public road and are subject to fine.

Vinicio Barboza, director of Road Inspection at the Mopt, confirms that the directive is still in force. Also confirming that the directive is in force is the director of the traffic police, Mario Calderon, who emphasized that the law equally applies to everyone.

“We must respect the law, including these screens parked in the wrong place  (illegally) and for sure we must issue a ticket for a traffic offence to the vehicle and the driver of the same,” said Calderon.

However, the traffic chief explained that the fine is not for the screens,rather, for the vehicle being illegally parked.

But he did not specify if in fact a traffic ticket was issued to the vehicle (and the driver) in the photo above, which is clear violation of the traffic laws.

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