Photo posted by Transito official Marlon Lizano on Facebook

Q COSTA RICA – Road rage,  the aggressive or angry behavior exhibited by a driver of a road vehicle, in Costa Rica takes on the form of assaulting traffic police officials (Transitos) with more and more frequency.



The latest occurring in Grecia on Friday night.


On the Facebook page ‘Policia de Costa Rica’, Marlon Lizano explains how he was run over by a known ‘picon’ – street racer – while he tried to intervene in the illegal and dangerous nightly practice that occurs in many communities around the country.

“My friends * Thank you * for caring about me…thanks to God and the Virgin I am telling the story here, the truth was that everything would have been worse and I’d be dead on site. But only the Guardian Angel helped me and lifted me in such a way that the delinquent did not kill me, since he accelerated with all and fled leaving me for dead,” said the traffic official.

Lizano adds that the offender is in custody. “He was found in a cañal owned by the offender’s grandfather about 10 kilometers from where he hit me,” said the official.

Transito Marlon Lizano


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