The concession of the San José-San Ramón road can be modified by way of addendum, admitted Transport Minister, Pedro Castro.

Castro said that if the contract is rescinded, it would end up costing the country US$40 million dollars in compensation to the OAS group, the Brazilian company that was awarded the concession.

The Transport Minister made the statements to a group comprised of seven mayors in the province of Alajuela who represent communities that will be affected by the concession.

Luis Antonion Barrantes, the mayor of Sarchi, said he is favour of the concession, but feels modifications are needed. He did not elaborate.

Meeting with Castro on Friday were the mayors of Grecia (Adrián Barquero), San Ramón (Mercedes Moya), Zarcero (Alejandro Salas) Alajuela (Roberto Thompson) Palmares (Bernal Vargas) Naranjo (Olga Corrales) and Sarchí (Luis Antonio Barrantes).

Experts in Concession Law say the country is within its rights to cancel the contract and no be responsible for indemnization based various factors, one the many irregularities surrounding the awarding of the contract, the relationship of the Trasnsport minister with the OAS and other points of law.

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