Traveling Abroad? Here Are Five Tech Tools to Keep in Touch with Loved Ones

Our ability to communicate around the globe has reached phenomenal proportions. It was only 103 years ago that the first telephone call was made across continents. Today, keeping in contact with loved ones anywhere on the planet is as simple as hooking up to an internet connection. Just last year, NASA Astronaut Tim Kopra was able to call students at Columbia University to chat from the International Space Station. Five of the best modern-day tech tools to keep in touch with your loved ones are global communication apps, Google software, social media websites, scheduling apps and traditional email.

Global Communication Apps

Before the development of VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, we were forced to rely on the plain old telephone service. International calling was very expensive. VoIP, on the other hand, works by sending sound bites over high speed internet connections, so callers can communicate at speeds comparable to landlines. All that you need is a phone or computer connected to WiFi and a VoIP supported software. Some popular global communication apps that take advantage of VoIP software include Skype, BroadVoice, Vonage and Comcast. Skype allows video or voice calls, text messages and screen share capabilities to anyone in the world.

Google Software


Google has been ahead of the game for most technological advancements, and international communication is no different. Google offers a plethora of products that can help you keep in touch with your friends from anywhere around the globe. Even though you may be traveling abroad to find meaning in your life, you still need to check back in with the people you care about. Google Voice is a VoIP service that allows you to use your computer like a telephone and make international calls. Google Hangouts allows free international calls to any user who is also on Google Hangouts. Google Spreadsheets and Google Docs both allow collaboration in real-time. Even though there are dozens of VolP and SIP apps and development tools available, Google will always stand out amongst them all.

Social Media Websites

One of the most popular tech tools that help us keep in touch with our loved ones is social media websites. Websites like Facebook let you post status updates, location information and pictures to share your international travel experience. The social media platform has also introduced its own international messaging and calling service. All that is required to use their service is an active email account, the Facebook messenger app and an internet connection. Snapchat allows you to post picture updates with an internet or mobile data connection, while Twitter lets you post brief status updates. You can take advantage of all social media platforms in any area with an internet connection.

Scheduling Apps

Some apps can help you send messages while being respectful of different time-zones. Boomerang, for example, contains artificial intelligence bots that can make sure your message arrives during business hours. This ensures it isn’t forgotten because it arrived in the middle of the night. World Meeting Time is a website that helps schedule appointments across time-zones. You simply drag the markers to where you and your loved ones are and it’ll show the current times.


The easiest and most reliable method of contacting your loved ones is by sending them a quick email. Almost all apps, VoIP services and messaging services all send your information in the same way that email servers do. You won’t need anything other than an internet connection, an email account and your loved one’s email address. These days, it couldn’t be any easier to keep in contact with your loved ones even from across the globe.

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