There is junk and then there is junk. A truck driver who attempted to pass through the northern border (Peñas Blancas) into Nicaragua is in jail today because his load of scrap concealed half a metric ton of cocaine (1.1 tons).

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The Nicaraguan driver appeared nervous to inspectors who boarded the truck. Asked how long he had had his customs permit, the driver said thee months but the document he showed was only two weeks old.

When the inspectors rummaged around among rusted channel iron and shards of tile, they found cocaine, 554 kilos to be exact, hidden in boxes under what appeared the remains of old houses.

Deputy Security Minister Celso Gamboa said although it may have seemed merely a lucky find, the capture of the metal boxes containing the drug was a product of “scientific method applied to criminal control.” Since the license plates on the truck were Costa Rican, police began immediately to seek the owner.

Gamboa said that this was the second case to be found in a load of junk, the first being Jan. 30 when drug sniffing dogs discovered a load of 740 kilos under scrap metal. But finding out which cartel is the owner is difficult because drug running gangs exist in six nations in Central America, Mexico and Colombia.

In this case, three were arrested. The drug was found in 50 boxes wrapped in tape containing also grease and coffee, the latter evidently to try to foil the investigating dogs. It didn’t work.

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