The Turriabla volcano last June (2016) seen from the Alto de las Palomas (Santa Ana). Foto by Edith Tropper, Ovsicori/Facebook

Q COSTA RICA – The Turrialba volcano on Saturday spewed newly erupted material that is being delivered to the surface for the first time – called juvenile rocks, in a small eruption at about 7:12pm.

According to the volcanologist, Marino Protti, of the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica (Ovsicori), the cameras the institution has near the crater of the colossus confirmed the rocks to be up to one meter in diameter and taking more than three minutes to cool down.

Old material cools as it lands, but the juvenile takes longer, which is what led the experts to conclude the material of last night was of the second kind.

Although it is known since November this type of material has been coming out, last night the clearness of the top of the volcano allowed photos of the phenomenon.

The video shows the volcano expelling the rocks between 7:12pm and 7:18pm, falling on the bed of ash taking time to cool.

Protti added that there is no imminent danger, but plumes of ash, which have recently subsided, can reappear at any time.

The volcanologist is reminding people not to climb the crater because, in addition to being prohibited, it is dangerous due to risk of hot gases and rocks spewing from the slopes.

Click here for the Ovsicori live webcam pointed at the Turrialba volcano.

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