The United States has donated US$4 million dollars for the improvement of security at the northern border with Nicaragua, that includes the purchase of weapons, technology, hiring more staff and the construction of a new office near the planned highway.

nicaragua_penas_blancas_san_jorge_picture_4bBorder security at Peñas Blancas will be improved with the financial aid of the U.S.

The ministro de Seguridad Publica (MSP), Mario Zamora, said the money will be used to create a modern border office at Tablillas de los chles, an small border town on the southeast of Lake Nicaragua. The donated money will also go towards the purchase of eight police dogs, four for drug-sniffing and four for weapons and bomb sniffing.

U.S. Embassy in San José (Costa Rica) spokesperson, Eric Turner, said the funds are part of a continuing financial support to help the country combat drug and weapons smuggling, by better securing its borders.

The Los Chiles border will also be the site of a new highway that will connect the the countries. According to the La Nacion, the road will open in 2015.

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