Do you tip your Uber driver? Does your Uber driver deserve a tip? The company has enabled the option to encourage passengers to add a tip to the fare for the driver.

According to Uber, you can add a tip up to 30 days after the trip. “It is simply another way in which you can say “thank you” to the Collaborating Partners (driver) that offers you a great experience (…) The amount you add to your trips is exempt from service fees,” the company said. That means the full amount of the tip, without the company taking its cut, added to the earning of the driver.

The tip can be one of three predetermined options or a personalized amount.

According to Uber Costa Rica, it has some 22,000 drivers in the country of which for 66% or 14,250 is the main source of income.

Experts say you shouldn’t tip an Uber driver any less than any other taxi driver, which can be a problem in Costa Rica, since tipping a taxi driver is not customary or expected by taxi drivers.

On its website, Uber says as a rider, you are not obligated to tip your driver but if you decide you would like to tip, the driver is welcome to accept.

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