From the Uber Costa Rica website
From the Uber Costa Rica website

(QCOSTARICA) While the formal taxi drivers are taking to the streets, causing chaos across the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) of San Jose, the multinational Uber – and the main reason of the protest by the taxis – is taking advantage of the day by offering all rides in the GAM for ¢1,000 colones or a “rojo” (a red).

The company confirmed the promotion this morning, in the context of taxi drivers locks are preventing the arrival of thousands of people to work, doctor appointments, school and even flights.

The company said the promotion is from 10:00am to 5:00pm; all customers have to do is enter the code VIAJAPOR1ROJO on the app.

“No matter if you’re a registered member or if it is the first time using Uber, just enter the coupon code VIAJAPOR1ROJO and can travel between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm for ¢ 1,000 trips begin and end within the metropolitan area,” the company said in a statement on its website.

The anger of many taxi drivers who have taken to the streets this morning is, in their opinion, the lack of government action to regulate Uber.

On Monday, the Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos (Aresep) – regulating authority of public services –  said that it currently lacks legal authority to regulate Uber’s transport activity.

This was confirmed by Roberto Jimenez, head of the Aresep, who explained that the regulating authority is limited to intervene the digital platform, given that the Constitutional Court has ruled that Internet access is a fundamental right and the law creating the Aresep is not empowered to order the disconnection of systems or digital platforms.

Jimenez added that the Aresep will continue to review the legal framework and evaluating possible bills, to meet the effective regulation of public transportation and avoid illegal services.

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