UCR students in front of Casa Presidencial Thursday,. Photo JONATHAN JIMÉNEZ, La Nacion
UCR students in front of Casa Presidencial Thursday,. Photo JONATHAN JIMÉNEZ, La Nacion

Q: Why did the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) take to the streets in protest on Thursday?

A: It was practice to becoming public employees.


Article originally appeared at Ticobull.com

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  • costarick

    University students historically, have been left-wing in their thinking, which goes hand-in-hand with Public Sector employment and the unionization aspects of a country’s make-up. Whine, or march in the streets, and the government will throw money at it, to make it go away. I believe that these naive and simplistic manners of thinking arise from approaching life on an academic basis only, believing as students, that life unfolds from the pages of a book, rather than the practical experience to be learned after entering a private sector workforce. Governments and unionized workers earning wages, or a salary, don’t understand the notion of having to make a profit to stay in business; private enterprise businesses do understand. University students, being potentially the most productive members of any society, suffer from this gap of practicality in the learning curve, both to their detriment and that of the society in which they live.

  • Ken Morris

    Give it a rest. The evangelicals marched in the street last week too.