Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos (ARESEP) is processing a request for a hike in fuel prices that could see prices at the pump go up as much as ¢43 colones per litre by the end of the month.

The increase would certainly affect the economy of consumers who are already battling the “cuesta de Enero” (January financial crunch).

When approved, the price of a litre of super gasoline will increase to ¢718 from the current ¢675, regular or Plus would increase ¢35 colones from the current ¢643, and Diesel fuel will increase ¢8 colones from the current ¢632.

Aviation fuels, Karosense and compressed natural gas (used in kitchens throughtout the country) will also see an increase.

The hike in fuels will also mean a hike in electricity rates in the coming months.

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