The Consejo Nacional de Vialidad (Conavi) informs passage on the Ruta 32 through the Parismina river. Work crews built a temporary access road to allow trucks to move to and from San José and the Caribbean port.
However, problems continue on seven roads that continue closed:

  1. Ruta 1, between San Luis y Bijagual;
  2. Ruta 229, in Jardín en Dota;
  3. Ruta 708, between Bajos del Toro and Silencio;
  4. Ruta 225, in Tucurrique and Pejivalle.
  5. Ruta 320, between Tarcolitos and Bijagual;
  6. Ruta 906, entering Tronadora headed to río Chiquito, betwee Tilarán and San Carlos.
  7. Ruta 150, over the Caimital bridge, Guancaste

The roads with “paso regulado” (partial closures) are:

  1. Ruta 142, between Nuevo Arenal and La Represa (the dam);
  2. Ruta 622, in Salinas de Puntarenas
  3. Ruta 2, in La Guaria de Buenos Aires de Puntarenas
  4. Ruta 14 in the area of Las Gaviotas  de Golfito

We will be updating this list of road closures and other major transit problems regularly.


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