What will happen to Americans living in Mexico if the hostility toward Mexican-Americans is put into action?

US President Donald Trump’s calls for a wall along the US-Mexico border risks destroying a relationship that isn’t all just one-way. The illegal status of American retirees may turn into the political ace up Mexico’s sleeve at the negotiating table.

Mexico has topped the list of destinations for US expatriate retirees – and ironically  many of them are living in the country illegally.

Mobody knows exactly how many Americans live in Mexico. The U.S. State Department reports the number of one million.

Thousands of Americans are heading south in search of a better quality of life and cheaper healthcare.

These people are an essential part of the heartbeat of the Mexican community, such as those who live in San Miguel de Allende, a city located in the far eastern part of the state of Guanajuato in central Mexico.

Mexican people embrace the expats, many of whom are illegal immigrants, due to the influx of US dollars that they bring with them.

Primary reasons for retiring in Mexico: the lower cost of living and proximity to the United States.

However, US President Donald Trump’s reckless plan for a Mexican wall may put that social harmony at risk, sowing the seeds of division.

Alasdair Baverstock reports from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for TRT World.

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