On Tuesday authorities arrested four suspects in La Fortuna attack and rape case. The suspects confessed their involvement, the victim now refuses to continue with her complaint.

COSTA RICA NEWS – Sources at the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) confirm that the U.S. tourist alleging rape on Sunday in La Fortuna de San Carlos has refused to identify her attackers in a line up and has withdrawn her complaint.

On Tuesday, the OIJ and the Policia Turistica (Tourist Police) in La Fortuna arrested four Nicaraguan nationals, suspected of having attacked and raped the 19 year old girl from Wisconsin, in Costa Rica as part of a study tour.

According to the OIJ in La Fortuna, speaking to CRHoy.com on the basis of anonymity, said “she refused, though the U.S. Embassy intervened, as well as members of the Victims Protection Program and psychologists and withdrew here accusation.”

The official said the four suspects in police custody had confessed of their involvement in the incident.

“She apparently had been going out with one of them and willingly had sex with one while the others three took advantage of her, she had been drinking…” said the official.

Given that the victim is refusing to press charges, police released the suspects.

Source: CRHoy.com

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