Costa Rican power cooperative Coopesantos has announced the launch of a residential FTTH – Fiber to the Home – service to complement the service it already offers to corporate customers.

The utility is investing US$1 million dollars in the network and it hopes to reach some 4,000 dedicated links in around a year’s time.

The first stake will see the network expanded to San Pablo de Leon Cortes, San Marcos de Tarrazu and Santa Maria de Dota, reports the El Financiero, adding that the utility’s prices will be highly competitive compared to the plans of other fibre-optic service providers.

What is fiber to the home technology?
Fiber To The Home (FTTH) – also called “fiber to the premises”  (FTTP) –  is a term used to denote an access network which uses optical fiber from the central access point (such as a telephone switch) all the way to the customer’s home. FTTH can deliver huge data rates and unprecedented high-speed Internet access to customers.

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