• Former Costa Rican soccer player Rolando Fonseca enmeshed in scandal over presidential trip

While former Costa Rican soccer player Rolando Fonseca tries to distance himself from Gabriel Morales Fallon, a report by CRHoy.com paints a different story, both men living in the same gated community, Valle del Sol, in Santa Ana.

valle-del-solThis “residencial” is uncommon to most residential communities in Costa Rica, as it combine extreme security and luxury. To enter Valle del Sol you must be a resident or know someone who is, as the security and surveillance cameras are everywhere.

Golf, tennis, swimming pools and around the clock active security keep the residents inside the walls of Valle del Sol secure and lapped in luxury.

CRHoy.com says that while looking for the Fonseca home they ran into the abandoned house of Eliseo Vargas, the former president of the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS), sentenced to jail for embezzlement. The house sits empty as “it cannot be sold”.

Near the Vargas house the CRHoy.com investigative reporters found a luxurious residence with a flawless facade and four luxury vehicles parked outside which undoubtedly stood out. No gates, no barb wire fences in this community!

Fonseca, since his retirement from playing soccer, has become an important businessman with scores of active corporations in the country.

Around the corner from Fonseca the investigative journalists stumbled upon another house, that of one Gabriel Ricardo Morales Fallon.

In the driveway of the Morales house sit two late model Porsche Cayanne, fully armoured, and a Toyota Sequoia – also fully armoured – which according to sources is used by the Morales children to and from school.

Morales, a Colombian national with Costa Rican citizenship, owns an island near Cartagena, Colombia, where he constantly travels with his family and Qatar, one of the more frequent family holiday destinations.

Diggin into Morales’ Costa Rican nationality, the CRHoy.com journalists found that despite alleged ties to a Colombia drug trafficker made public in December 2010, the Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones (TSE) issued Morales citizenship in January 2011.

The citizenship was granted by his marriage to a Costa Rican national who then divorvced six months after obtaining  his Costa Rican cedula, divorcing on September 6, 2011, according to public registry records.

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