Under Resolution No. 9,855, and within the framework of the state of exception and economic emergency, the Venezuelan Labor Ministry provides that all the country’s companies will have to provide employees to strengthen agricultural production.

In accordance with Official Gazette dated July 22, 2016, under Resolution No. 9,855 issued by the Labor Ministry, “public, private, socially-owned and joint enterprises” have the “obligation to lend state-run and private employees, with proper physical conditions, theoretical knowledge and expertise in the different production areas, in order to strengthen production in companies of social interest, related to the agro-food sector.”

The summary reads that the resolution “establishes a temporary working regime, compulsory and strategic, for all companies nationwide, state-run, private, socially-owned and joint, which helps foster production in the agro-food sector, setting temporary employability in entities subject to special measures implemented to bolster up their production.”

Likewise, the Labor Ministry states that workers will provide services in the requesting enterprises for a 60-day term, which can be extended for an equivalent period if the circumstances so warrant.

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