TODAY VENEZUELA (Prensa Latina) Venezuela’s executive vice president Tareck El Aissami said today the Government is ready to thwart any attempted coup d´etat, seeking to rule the country.

Vnezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro and Vice-President Tarek El Aissami

El Aissami, interviewed by the program Jose Vicente Hoy broadcast by television Televen, said that the command against the coup, set up by the Government, seeks to ensure national peace to fight any threat and destabilizing attempt carried out by the extreme right-wing.

He also said that this defense mechanism is necessary because ‘we have a power kidnapped’: the National Assembly (AN).

He said at the AN there are calls every day to ignore the Government, so the command against the coup will be used to thwart any threat of coup, in order to be able to rule in the country.

El Aissami, who was until recently governor of Aragua, said he will never trade his principles, but he is willing to reach out the opposition seeking to foster dialogue and peace in the country.

El Aissami said that it is difficult to hold dialogue with people that do not recognize and comply with the agreements, ‘it is traumatic not to have an opposition that allows us to be a better Government,’ he said.

He said ‘we do not recognize Julio Borges as president of the National Assembly’, due to the contempt prevailing there.

Article originally appeared on, and is republished here with permission.

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