Parque Nacional, San José Costa Rica, April 23.  Venezuelan legislator Dinorah Figuera was in Costa Rica this weekend, at the invitiation of the PLN party, to take part in protests against the current situation in her country. Fotografía: Alejandro Gamboa Madrigal

Q COSTA RICA – While in Costa Rica to protest against the humanitarian and health crisis in her country, Venezuelan opposition legislator, Dinorah Figuera, denounced that while she was here, the Bolivarian National Guard stationed two tanks in front of her house in Caracas, as a way of intimidating her.

Figuera, of the progressive party Primero Justicia, came to Costa Rica at the invitation of the Partido Liberacion Nacional (PLN), to attend a demonstration on Sunday at the Parque Nacional, convened by Venezuelan residents, who also oppose the government of Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuelans gathered in downtown San Jose on Sunday

The Venezuelan legislator said she got the news from her 19 year-old daughter who was in the house when the military tanks arrived.

The government of Venezuela placed tanks in front of the legislator’s home in Caracas while she visits Costa Rica

The legislator denounced the actions of the government in her country by way of Twitter.

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Figuera says it is not the first time she receives threats or direct attacks by the ruling party. Two days earlier she was attacked by police while taking part in a peaceful demonstration.

At the Parque Nacional in downtown San Jose on Sunday

Her party colleague, legislator Tomas Guanipa, also denounced threats against him and said that military counterintelligence surrounded his residence in a large deployment Sunday afternoon.

Relationship With Costa Rica
This is the third visit by the Venezuelan legislator, who is part of a legislative group of friendship with Costa Rica, to hold talks with Costa Rican legislators and politicians in search of international support.

In an interview with La Nacion, Figuera said that this visit to Costa Rica was at the invitation by the President of the Legislative Assembly, Antonio Alvarez Desanti, and other legislators of the PLN party, as well as legislators of the Partido Renovacion and Partido Nueva Generacion, among others.

Figuera arrived in Costa Rica on Saturday, April 22. Today, Monday, she will be meeting with Desanti, as well as the head of the PLN legislative bloc, Maureen Clarket, to continue looking for ways to stop the crisis in her country and help the Venezuelan people.

Figuera is clear, she and her party, Primero Justicia, are looking for recognition in the National Assembly, the opening of a humanitarian channel for medicines and food, the release of political prisoners that is now numbering 144 and the denunciation of subhuman conditions and torture in prisons, among others. Also with the support of governments such as Costa Rica, they call for progress in agreements to combat violence.

“I want my daughter to get to know a Venezuela of prosperity, of sharing, where she can go out after 6:00pm without fear of losing her life.” More than 25,000 citizens die each year in Venezuela in the hands of the underworld. It is a very hard figure,” the legislator said.

Following Sunday’s demonstration, the PLN sent a public message to the Foreign Ministry (Cancilleria) requesting Costa Rica subscribe to all the petitions mentioned above by the Primero Justicia party.

In addition, the PLN asked the Cancilleria they request that the international community be informed that “the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica will not accredit a diplomatic representative in Venezuela until there is a sincere disposition on the part the (Venezuelan) government to dialogue, respect of same and the cessation of repression against the civilian population.”

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