The Venezuelan Criminal Forum reported that 105 demonstrators have been arrested this week

TODAY VENEZUELA – The Non-governmental organization (NGO) Foro Penal Venezolano  – Venezuelan Criminal Forum – reported that 105 people arrested during the recent anti-government demonstrations throughout Venezuela; 67 of them remain detained indefinetely.

Most demonstrations called by the Venezuelan opposition leaders were held against the magistrates of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) accused of staging a “coup d’état.”

“From April 4-7, there are 105 detainees, all of them during the demonstrations; 67 out of them are still arrested,” the NGO director, Alfredo Romero, said.

Romero added that the NGO is working on the number of political prisoners. “So far, though, we reckon 118,” he said, as quoted by Efe.

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Article originally appeared on Today Venezuela and is republished here with permission.