It was more like a street party than an election outside the Venezuelan embassy in Costa Rica, located in Rohrmoser. Just six months ago, Venezuelans gathered in front their embassy to re-elect President Hugo Chavez, yesterday they elected his successor as president.

Venezuelans had the choice of Nicolás Maduro, the heir chosen by Chavez before his death and  Henrique Capriles, representative of the opposition alliance, whom the Venezuelans in Costa Rica propably gave their greatest number of votes and support -as Venezuelans living in Costa Rica mostly are caprilistas – according to results of the previous election in the embassy.

A survery of voters outside the embassy showed satisfaction in the process, saying it was a much better process than in the past.

Between music, traditional food and banners, about 1300 Venezuelans living in Costa Rica elect the successor to Hugo Chavez. Watch the video as provided by

According to Costa Rica immigration data, there are some 4.500 Venezuelans living in Costa Rica, of which 290 are refugees.

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