Victory Caravan to Complete Tour in Cuban Capital


(QCUBA) The symbolic Victory Caravan that is retracing the tour carried out by Cuba”s Rebel Army 55 years ago, from Cuba”s east to west, will end today in this capital.

The march of the Caravan, which started on January 2 from Santiago de Cuba and whose Jan. 8 arrival this year in Havana was postponed due to adverse weather conditions, will conclude today at the former Columbia Military Headquarters, which is now a school complex, called Ciudad Libertad (Liberty City).

The central activity will be held at Ciudad Libertad at 17:00 local time, to commemorate the entry to Havana, 55 years ago, of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, leading the original Victory Caravan after the defeat of the Batista dictatorship.

The tour recalls the triumphal entry of Fidel Castro, who after the January 1, 1959 victory, departed from Santiago de Cuba the following day and entered the capital on Jan. 8, reinforcing the revolutionary triumph.