A new giant is born!

With Brazil’s elimination of Colombia 2-1 yesterday, some commentaries on the social media are calling on Costa Rica to win today, advancing to the semi-finals, to avoid the “same-old snore of a final four.”

One comment was to the point:

“Now that Columbia (sic) is gone and we are heading closer and closer to a same-old snore of a final four, can we at least dream that Robben gets a red card in the box for diving, Netherlands plays a man down and somehow Costa Rica moves on?” posted by Timothy Burke on YougurtTime (

In Costa Rica, the morning is quiet, very little traffic on the road and difficult to find a corner or stretch of road that there isn’t someone selling some Sele shirt, flag, hat or other World Cup item.

Costa Rica is in the midst of a history maker, as the national football team, having already broken every World Cup record in the team’s history, is looking for more and a shot at the Cup.


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