President Luis Guillermo Solis came to power on May 8, 2014, and immediately got on an airplane. That made Solis harshly criticized by many who considered that he spent too much of his mandate traveling, prompting the nickname the “Presidente Viajero” (Traveling President), in allusion to Pope John Paul II (1978–2005) who undertook more pastoral trips than all his predecessors combined.


Luis Guillermo Solis was nicknamed the “Traveling Preisdent” for his many (37) trips out of the country to many parts of the world

According to data from Casa Presidential (Government House), from May 2014 to December 2017, the president took 37 trips out of the country, for a combined total of 184 days (6.1 months).

2016 was the year with the most travel by the President, making 11 different trips to different parts of the world, while last year he made only 7 trips, the lowest during his almost 4 years in office.

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Now you too can travel like the Traveling President through an ingenious campaign by Travel Destinations called “Volá como el Presidente” (Travel like the President), promoting international tourism to Costa Ricans (Ticos).

The Travel Destinations offers more than 20 destinations at special prices, including Brazil, Canada,Chile, China, Colombia, England, Guatemala, India, Italy, Mexico, South Korea, Switzerland and the United States, where is was a frequent visitor.

“Destinations knows that our President needs to travel and he also knows that many Costa Ricans want to do so, that’s why we created this promotion that offers excellent discounts so that we Ticos can travel to the destinations that the President traveled,” explains Porfirio Campos, Destinations Manager.

Travel Destinations created an interactive map (CLICK HERE) with all the available destinations. In addition, users can share “Tweets” with Luis Guillermo Solis to recommend new destinations of interest that he has not (yet) visited during his mandate.

Luis Guillermo Solis hands over the presidency to the new president at noon on May 8, 2018.

By the constitution, Luis Guillermo Solis is not permitted to consecutive re-election. Costa Ricans will go to the polls on Sunday, February 4, 2018, to elect a new president and the 57 members of the Legislative Assembly.

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