Costa Rica president Carlos Alvarado and the government of Daniel Ortega are in a war of words with the news of the alleged arrest of two Costa Rican nationals taking part in the peaceful anti-government protest on Sunday in Nicaragua’s capital city, Managua.

The Costa Rican couple detained in Nicaragua on Sunday, Allan Cordero Ocon and his wife Marcela Martínez Guzmán.

On Twitter, President Alvarado said, “I make an urgent call for an immediate end to the repression in Nicaragua. Arbitrary arrests and intimidation against the media, students, human rights defenders and members of the Catholic Church are unacceptable.”

On the government website Sunday, Costa Rica called for the cessation of repression and arbitrary arrests of demonstrators in Nicaragua. “In light of the events that took place this Sunday, October 14, in Nicaragua, the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica calls for the immediate cessation of repression and arbitrary arrests of those who participate in the protests. Costa Rica supports the concern expressed by the international community regarding the systematic erosion of human rights and fundamental freedoms, which occurs daily in Nicaragua (…) Costa Rica reiterates its conviction that committed and effective dialogue is the way to generate the strengthening of democracy, the protection of Human Rights and respect for the Rule of Law, in the face of the crisis that Nicaragua is going through. Once again, the country expresses its solidarity with the Nicaraguan people, with whom it shares historical ties of neighborhood, closeness and brotherhood.”

In a second Tweet, an hour after the first, President Alvarado said, “Deeply disturbing the arrests this morning (Sunday) in Nicaragua. The repression that the Nicaraguan people are suffering must end.”

Again on Twitter, Alvarado said that if the information (of the arrest) is confirmed, his government will immediately come to the aid in Nicaragua’s prison.

The government of Daniel Ortega was quick to respond to President Carlos, issuing a statement to the (official) press, that Nicaragua categorically rejects the statements of Carlos Alvarado on Nicaragua’s internal affairs and the interference of the “pretentious and insolent” statement of the Costa Rica’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The official statement continued with, “Nicaragua does not interfere nor pontifies with the affairs of other countries of their decisions in relation to their problems.”

Basically, that is Daniel Ortega telling Carlos Alvarado, not to mess with him because he (Orteg) does not mess with anyone, as clearly expressed by @Bacanalnica on Twitter.

The Costa Ricans arreste on Sunday are Allan Cordero Ocon and his wife Marcela Martínez Guzmán, who are being held in the El Chipote prison.

Arlen Cordero, in Costa Rica, publicly denounced the “illegal detention” of her brother and sister-in-law. “We do not have information on their status or health,” she told Telenoticias.

For their part, the Foreign Ministry reported that it is investigating the situation and confirming the facts.

The Nicaraguan government is not denying the arrest, in fact, it confirmed it by releasing the list of the 38 detained in Managua on Sunday, 8 of which were released after the arrest.

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