QCOSTARICA – In the Tarcoles river anything can happen. In the latest case, a cow wasn’t so lucky. Tired, it slipped and fell. The crocodiles didn’t miss a beat.

This was near the ‘crocodile bridge”, the bridge over the Tarcoles river on the way to Jaco, where a group of tourists were witness to an experience they may never forget.

Warning: for the faint at heart, turn off the sound!

Crocodiles are natural apex predators. These ancient animals are at the top of the food chain. They don’t waste their energy chasing prey, always ready for a (energy) free meal.

Last week, a cow fell from a hillside that was not fenced. When it tried to climb up, it slipped and fell into the river. Snap. Within seconds it was lost in the water.

The video was posted by Kleber Cruz on Facebook’s Biofotos. The video was taken by Roger Orozco, a Biofotos guide on a tour and continues to cause astonishment among users of the social media website.

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