Had a great laugh with my dear friend Judith the other night when she showed me her latest brochure for her “Aromatherapy Rainforest Essences of Costa Rica” products.

While sitting back at a local hangout in Playa Hermosa (South of Jacó), with a few cold beers on the table, a freshly cooked fish and lightning flashing the darkness of the ocean in the background, Judith laughed off what some might see it as a gross error, and especially for a woman.

Item number F5 on her product list says it “repels c*nts”. For those who can’t figure it, the asterisk is a “u”. Judith told me it should have read “repels ants”.


The printer, it appears, in deciphering Judith’s scrawl and not having a good grasp of the English language, translated it to what is perhaps the most offensive word in the English language.

Moral, proof read everything!

Just that you know, Judith give me permission to tell this story. You can reach Judith at carpediem@ice.co.cr

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