Up to 40.000 people or more could be affected by a water shortage this dry season, as supply tanks of the Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (AyA) reach minimum levels.

The water and sewer utility general manager, Sergui Nuñez, confirmed that the Gran Area Metropolitana (GAM) – greater San José area – could experience a shortage of drinking water and may experience water rationing.

Nuñez said that areas likes Alajuelita, Santa Ana, Escazú ad Cuidad Colon will be mostly affected.

The water rationing, if required, will be between six and twelve hours daily explained Nuñez. “For these areas were are forecasting regulated service, ie we will close the supply of water from the tanks every evening and open them at 5am, then close them again at 11am and re-open for the late afternoon and evening”, said Nuñez.

The measure allows water tanks to recover their supply levels.

Nuñez addedd that in “severe” cases the option is to send water tankers to the affected areas.

If a water shortage becomes a reality, the AyA expects the effects to start around the middle of March and all through April.


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