COSTA RICA BLOG – In so many ways we are a country of sadness hoping for the better. The truth be told, with more than a 20% poverty rate, a government filled with corruption and confusion as well as so many families trying to hold on to its middle class rating; we need help.

For some expats living in the countryside and eating local foods this translates to tranquility and being satisfied on a day to day basis. To most of us who live in the Grand Metropolitan Area (Gam) consisting of San Jose and surrounding communities, the feeling for the most part is one of caution, depression and fear of loosing what will be stolen. (Not to mention being injured or killed in the process.)

But then again, rural life is not for everyone and per-capita the crime and for sure the poverty is far more extensive in, for example Nicoya than GAM.

“Happiness” is a dose of feeling safe, feeling that one can live comfortably tomorrow and one can navigate the street absent of fear. More important, “happiness” is knowing that one can receive valued medical attention she needed, and if so be it; die but can afford to pass on with dignity absent of costing an arm and a leg from family members which is now the case.

Besides a big car, the two things that Costa Ricans require are a spectacular marriage and a spectacular funeral. Both designed only for the moment and soon forgotten.

Judging by the national news and the local comments by Ticos, we are not such a happy country as purported.

Already, with this administration there are cracks eluding to a plethora of not making decisions. Those decision that we all want such as passable roads, limit to “no” as a conflict of interest, professionals managing the ministries who manage us, giving Costa Rica a direction from both a political and social perspective, abating rampant crime, even reducing the level of noise which was also promised has been forgotten.

Johnny Araya got out of the presidential race and it might have been a very smart decision. He realized the awful state of the nation and that the congress was not about to rectify those many Arias flaws which would put us back on track. It would take a minor miracle to undo what Arias did, that Chinchilla supported and what now Luis Guillermo Solís is faced with.

Okay, you are an expat, but you must understand that you are subject to the laws of Costa Rica and even more important than law plus, its politics. You might not like it but it is the truth. As expats, as nationals, it is your obligation to understand the government and to comment. Because, if not; you will never win.

I am no expert and far from it. As the former president, Oscar Arias said, “Costa Rica is unmanageable.” That might be the best of all summations.

Right now, we have a president who is an academician, a group of administrators who are without political experience, a congress that is at lost in its priorities and an environment that calls for far more, far, far more, than coffee with the neighbors of Zapote.

Please God, make it end!

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