Costa Rica’s Penal Code punishes with imprisonment from one to three years to the woman who causes her own abortion. The sentence is six months to two years if the fetus had not reached six months of intrauterine life.  That same law also punishes those who promote, distribute or sell medication or substances intended to induce abortion.

IMG-20130129-WA0000Despite the illegality, one website continues to offer women in Costa Rica the Pfizer product, Cytotec and generic Misoprostol Cyrus for home delivery in Costa Rica.

Misoprostol is a synthetic prostaglandin E1 analog that is used with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) to prevent gastric ulcers. The drug is intended to treat missed miscarriage and induce labor, but is also known to induce abortion.

Using Misoprostol may be the only option for women who live in a country like Costa Rica where they do not have the possibility to have a safe and legal abortion.

The use of  Misoprostol alone to cause an abortion will be successful 90% of the time. If it is not effective the first time, you can try again after 3 days. The information is based on research by the World Health Organization.

The website explains this and the costs associated for the first and susbequente treatment if necessary. The website is clear that the product is being sold in Costa Rica, unlike other websites where payment and delivery is from offshore. “Don’t send money of the country. The medication is in Costa Rica and available for home deivery“, says the website, offering customers total Reliability and discretion.

La Nacion, in its report, says that it spoke to Ileana Herrera, general manager of the Ministry of Health, who assures that since 2009 Health officials have been following up on complaints against internet websites offering Misoprostol, but is not aware of any charges resulting.

Herrera says that the product is under strict control on the quantity entering the country, its distribution and sales in pharmacies, where it is sold by prescription.

Herrera theorizes that the products offered online have been smuggled into the country and warns the public not to purchase online because there is no guarantee that they are getting the right product.

The website explains the prices and process to induce an abortion, ranging from ¢65.000 colones for 4 pills for pregnancies from 4 to 7 weeks, to ¢180.000 colones for 12 pills. The prices include free home delivery in the San José area. The website limits providing instructions for use of the product, offering users links to external websites.

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