april-rainsQCOSTARICA – The rains surprised many on Wednesday, when shortly after 3:00pm it came down in buckets, if only for a few minutes. Showers and light rain continued well into the evening and the night in some areaS around the Central Valley.

According to the national weather service, the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN), an accumulation of between 10mm and 30mm fell in a period of about 6 hours.

Although the heavy rain wasn’t your typical “rainy season” rains and didn’t last long, only minutes, it was enough to cause flood and back up many sewers.

As to traffic, Wednesday afternoon rush hour traffic was a total nightmare, more so than a payday Friday traffic chaos.

The weatherman is not forecasting any rain for today Thursday or the coming days, but nor was yesterday’s rains in the forecast.

The country is headed for the rainy season, which traditionally starts the middle of May and continues into the middle of November.

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