We have been working on improving our site. However, we are still working out “server issues” with our HSP, Godaddy.

It all started on Sunday after upgrading to a new server. Things didn’t go that well from the start. And since we – and you – have had to endure time outs, internal server error, 404 errors and a pretty slow loading website.

We’ve reorganized the home page, cleaned it up, cleaned up the code and run a series of optimization routines. The underlying problem of server issues still continue, a situation totally out of control, unless we change Host all together and that just may have to be unless Godaddy can fix the issues real quick.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

While we continue with these issues we will be posting all the current news and stories on our partner site www.todaycostarica.com.

About TodayCostarica. This is a new product that we will soon be launching. It is part of the “Today” network of websites to bring you news – only news – from Central and South America. Using a sophisticated news aggregator, we fetch news stories from selected sites and post the automatically on a continuing basis.

We are excited about this and will inform you of its launch!

Enrico Cacciatore,

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