Google has released the most popular search topics with the largest search volume and trending topics with the largest increase in search volume since the previous year.

The results are global and country specific.

In Costa Rica, games like the Full Screen Mario topped the list of Google searches, followed by images, Christian music, live radio, dictionary, Disney, funny videos, jokes, horoscopes and words to songs rounded out the top ten.

Costa Rica's own Debi Nova was number 3 in top musical searches.
Costa Rica’s own Debi Nova was number 3 in top musical searches.

In Trending searches, “EL Pollito Pio” (Cheeping Chick) was most popular Google trends of the year in Costa Rica showing the  affection Costa Ricans have for viral videos and their morbid interest in celebrity deaths — just like the rest of the world. The trends followed with North Korea, Minion Maker, Cory Monteith, Miss Universe 2013, Karla Alvarez, live radio, Harlem Shake, Central American Games 2013 and Hugo Chávez.

The top ten musical searches were Lea Michele, Black Sabbath, Costa Rica’s own Debi Nova, Carlos Vives, Jenni Rivera, Celiza Cruz, Miguel Bosé, Daft Punk, Beto Cuevas and Lady Gaga. Favourite movies included Mi Villano Farorito 2, Iron Man 3 and Monsters University.

The top ten websites for Costa Ricans in 2013 was: Facebook (no surprise there),YouTube, Hotmail, Google, Gmail, Google Translator, CRAutos, Yahoo, Amazon and La Nación.

When it came to ‘what is’ searches, Costa Ricans wanted to know what is LOL, the time, bullying, sexuality and democracy. Ticos also searched Google to know what the internet is.

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Costa Ricans also used Google to know “how to” make braids (trenzas in Spanish), calculate percentages, kiss, lose weight, learn English and how to start Android. Number three on the list of how to was, “how to apply nailpolish’.

Most Popular Trends of 2013

1. El Pollito Pío
2. Corea del Norte (“North Korea”)
3. Minions
4. Cory Monteith
5. Miss Universo 2013 (“Miss Universe 2013”)
6. Karla Álvarez
7. Radios en vivo (“Live radio”)
8. Harlem Shake
9. Juegos Centroamericanos (“Central American Games”)
10. Hugo Chávez

Cómo… (“How to…”) searches

1. Cómo hacer trenzas (“How to make a braid”)
2. Cómo sacar porcentajes (“How to take percentages”)
3. Cómo pintar uñas (“How to paint your nails”)
4. Cómo besar (“How to kiss”)
5. Cómo adelgazar (“How to lose weight“)
6. Cómo llegar (“How to get to…”)
7. Cómo aprender inglés (“How to learn English”)
8. Cómo maquillarse (“How to put on make-up)
9. Cómo actualizar android (“How to update an Android phone”)
10. Cómo tocar guitarra (“How to play guitar”)

Qué es… (“What is…?”) searches

1. Qué es LOL (“What is LOL*?”)
2. Qué es ciencia (“What is science?”)
3. Qué hora es (“What time is it?”)
4. Qué es hemofilia (“What is hemophilia?”)
5. Qué es XD (“What is XD?”)
6. Qué es Internet (“What is the Internet?”)
7. Qué es sexualidad (“What is sexuality?”)
8. Qué es bullying (“What is bullying?”)
9. Qué es lupus (“What is lupus?”)
10. Qué es democracia (“What is democracy?”)


1. Facebook
2. YouTube
3. Hotmail
4. Google
5. Gmail
6. Google Translate
7. CRAutos
8. Yahoo
9. Amazon
10. La Nación

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