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What Of Fabricio? Who?

A number of emails and bar stool discussions had the same question, what of Fabricio (Alvarado)? Who? You know, the guy you almost became president?

Fabrico, the only guy in the photo during the Nuesta Voz radio program hosted by Amelia Rueda (right) on Tuesday.

On the Nuestra Voz radio program hosted by Amelia Rueda, the ex-presidential candidate said he will return to his role as a journalist, though he has yet to decide if it will be behind the television camera or a microphone on the radio.

“The plan is to have forum to return to assume the role of the communicator”, affirmed on Tuesday the also now former legislator.

Alvarado explained that the project is under development and has no name, although one working title is ‘Fabricio Presenta’, like one of the slogans he used on his Facebook to communicate in the last electoral campaign.

Nor did he specify which television channel or radio station will broadcast his program.

“The idea is to bring personalities from different positions to analyze issues,” he said.

The former presidential candidate said he will also be following closely the work of the 14 legislators of the Partido Restauración Nacional (PRN) that will make up the Legislative Assembly for the next four years. “My task will be to advise and guide them with my experience of the last four years,” said Fabricio.

Another of its objectives will be to strengthen the party for the 2020 municipal elections. “I’m not announcing a candidacy for 2022, I now have to work in the party, work in the country,” he said.

In the Februay 4 presidential election, Fabricio Alvarado won by a small margin over Carlos Alvarado. But neither Alvarado – no relation – won the required 40% of the popular vote, forcing a runoff election on April 1, when Fabricio lost the presidency of the country