The measuring tape, an indispensable weapon in the arsenal of the traffic police.

TICO BULL – What is more important, keeping the flow of traffic or the accident report? This is not a trick question. The common sense answer if clear, but, in Costa Rica common sense is not on the agenda.

“He knows nothing…” began the conversation between the two traffic officials “Transitos” on the scene of a minor fender bender at the intersection of Avenida 1 and Calle 22, this is the road that leads west from the Coca Cola west to La Sabana.

Two vehicles, a SUV and a motorcycle has touched other, the motorcycle went down. The SUV suffered some scratches.

Stumbling on the situation, I questioned one of the Transito why they weren’t moving the vehicles, the SUV right smack in the middle of the intersection. Couldn’t they see the row buses having to maneuver around the SUV, and traffic backing up on this important westbound route?

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