COSTA RICA EXTRA — Ever wondered what is trending in “Costa Rica” on Facebook? Social Bakers gives valuable insight on popular brands and places.

8yW7lRfh_400x400They Facebook Pages in Costa Rica, providing a TOP 10 of specific groups like brands, celebrities, places, etc.

Social Bakers also has other advanced social media measurement tool and analytics of specific Facebook Pages, Twitter Profiles, or YouTube Channels.

Here are the current TOP 10:


  1. Keylor Navas
  2. Joel Campbell
  3. Bryan Ruíz González
  4. Telenoticias
  5. Saprissa de Corazon
  6. Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera
  7. Liga Deportiva Alajuelense
  8. Real Madrid CF
  9. Buen Dia


  1. Taco Bell Costa Rica
  2. Pizza Hut Costa Rica
  3. Best Brands
  4. Kölbi
  5. Claro Costa Rica
  6. McDonalds
  7. McDonalds (listed twice, not an error)
  8. Movista Costa Rica
  9. Coca Cola
  10. Gallito


  1. Keylor Navas
  2. Joel Campbell
  3. Bryan Ruíz González
  4. Yeltsin Tejeda Valverde
  5. La Media Docena
  6. Jesus Adrian Romero
  7. Crisitano Ronaldo
  8. Vin Diesle
  9. Paulo Coelho
  10. Prince Royce


  1. Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera
  2. Oviscori-Una
  3. Rescate Animal
  4. Emabajada de Estado Unidos en San Jose
  5. Jose Maria Villalta Florez
  6. Johnny Araya
  7. Casa Presidencial Costa Rica
  8. Preserve Plante
  9. Ministerio de Educacion
  10. Laura Chinchilla Miranda


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