Who Buys Salvadoran Coffee?


CENTRAL AMERICA NEWS — The USA and Japan acquired 57% of the crop from 2013/2014, followed by Germany with 10.6%, Canada 7.5%, Belgium 4.5% and Sweden with 4.1% and other countries with the remaining 6.3%.

Starbucks Costa RicaThe top three countries which bought Salvadoran coffee are the; the United States, which with $47.5 million bought 291 thousand hundredweight of green coffee, Japan, which invested $15 million in 80,000 hundredweight and Germany, which received 69,000 hundredweight for $10.2 million.

Elmundo.com reports that “… The UK, which purchased 26,000 hundredweight for $3.9 million, and Italy with 23,000 hundredweight acquired for a total of $4.05 million; each accounted for 3.9% and 3.6% of total sales. ”

“… With a smaller share Jordan, with 2.6%, Australia and Taiwan with 1.1% each, and South Korea with 0.7%. Costa Rica, New Zealand and South Africa bought 0.6% of the coffee produced in the country, and France 0.4%. ”

Source: elmundo.com.sv

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