QBLOGS – For many years we were the kids on the block bullied by the thugs to the North, the big guys from the East not to mention our neighbors. This “get out of the way” political process seems to have saved Pura Vida from one hell of a heartache.

Look around and all we see is fire, hate and insecurity. But not in Pura Vida, we just roll along avoiding the “bullets” while not standing on one foot, but standing non-the-less.

Can you imagine Costa Rica involved in the Middle Eastern conflicts that have developed over centuries while we can hardly recall the national events of last week?

Caliphate” is not some ingredient to make the typically bland local food taste spicy or with a little Lizano sauce. It is a dedicated, dangerous movement to create countries, regions, dedicated only to Islam. Oh, not the Islam we know but rather radicals, who have no mercy beyond their Jihad government and philosophy.

Our crack international team has by decent, “A labourof love” not to even comment on the Philippines mass killings sponsored by its leader Duterte, and then there is the favorite common adversary, not Nicaragua who is impotent, but rather fear of Venezuela which is on fire with daily killings, threats for a “golpe de estado” (Coup d’état) and chaos bringing this ever rich country to its knees.

We must include and reading of the human tragedies in Syria, Assad, Afghanistan and the mass poverty in India.

All of these countries or regions are about living, breathing poor people. People like you and me, with the grace of God, have dodged homegrown planned or international acts of terrorism and political strife.

If it comes to push and shove, I will live with a massive bureaucracy and all those damn huecos (potholes).

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