I am independent and since that is the case I have the right to critically jump on anyone and anything short of defamation which might well become a prison or pay-off term that I cannot afford.

However, on this day, (Monday May 5, 2014) I have perused the typical and most popular Internet news outlets in Paradise and in two words: they suck!

If I want to know world events and the sadness that goes with them, that’s easy. “Click” to Google News, Yahoo, Al Jazeera, CNN, USA Today, the Bloomberg Report, Motley Fool, Morningside…the list is almost endless. My question is what I want, early in the morning is news and reports, even editorials, about where we live: Costa Rica!

There is no singular news Website that must have been up half the night to publish current stuff. My unofficial count was seven possible stories about Costa Rica and eighteen about other nations and their ills or research findings.

Two of the big three Websites, at 7:00 AM either had one feature story from the day before or no story at all within the time frames of last weekend.

It is a shame, a terrible shame to log in and read or see what I already know.

The contractual sale of advertising makes some look like the Yellow Pages, the others as a one person struggle and my advice is: “If there are no resources within the company to cover Costa Rica news (A very expensive business within itself.) that which influences my behavior and opinion, then simply to “surf”; go to any one of the major international news Sites who regularly publish and translate to English?

There are enough of us who write Op-Ed pieces as well as comments and create some sort of debate or flat out ass disagreement. But the articles come from other opinions and our relationships with the decision makers. They should not come from “wire services” but be home grown.

You and me, we need to know what the hell is going on in this country and most of all, the people’s opinion, including valuable expats.

For example, there is an excellent article in La Nación today that concludes the loss of INTEL which is truly a PR black eye for this country but on the other hand, we are not a country of production but rather of global services which has an excellent future. Another is how expensive it is to have a company in Paradise. Answer: Very expensive.

Did anyone read that?

There is more to business than simply selling real estate.

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