sports-bettor-013116QCOSTARICA | Super Bowl and Costa Rica go hand-in-hand. Not that Costa Ricans are big fans or that the country is full of expats mad for American football, rather, most pay per head businesses (sportsbooks), are located in Costa Rica.

According to Super Bowl 50 will either be a gold mine for bookies or a complete disaster. The offshore sportsbooks will survive thanks to the vast number of prop bets and live wagering being offered on the big game.

But local bookies…especially those who cater to the Carolinas and much of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Coastal region….they could be in for a rough ride should the public be correct and Carolina covers the current 6-point line.  Some 85 percent of the spread action has gone the Panthers way.  Some Vegas oddsmakers have even quipped that “none of the money is coming in on the Broncos”.

So if the books get clobbered with a Panthers cover, the pain will be eased by offering impulse loss leaders that favor the house such as the live in-play wagering and the props.

Last year Wynn, Westgate Las Vegas and William Hill sports book operators said the New England Patriots’ 28-24 win over the Seattle Seahawks represented the worst case scenario for their businesses based on the bets placed.

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