CENTRAL AMERICA NEWS — Of a potential of 1,000 MW of power generated through wind in the country, 101 MW will start to be generated from three wind projects which will start operations in May 2015.

The three projects referred to are those of the companies Viento Blanco which will generate 21 MW, Tresca, with 30MW, and the most advanced, Eólico San Antonio del Sitio, with 52.8 MW, which already has 90% of the necessary infrastructure for it to operate.

Evwind.com reports that “… In the case of Eólico San Antonio del Sitio it will provide power to Deocsa and Deorsa, both owned by Energuate. The contracted prices were $126 per megawatt ($ 0.12 per kilowatt). ”

‘… Consultants reported that this type of technology needs an investment of between $2.2 million and $2.5 million per megawatt installed. These type of projects which depend on climate can offer only energy and not power, because at some point in the year they stop generating. ”

Source: evwind.com

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