Director del Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ), Wálter Espinoza, said on Monday that the women identified as Katherina Tatiana Smith, a resident of Limon, and is currently in preventive detention, was the person who rented the house that had held the Italian businessman, Stefano Calandrelli. Prior to the Stefano case, the woman was already under investigation by OIJ agents, a suspect in three other ‘temporary’ disappearances.

According to investigators, the suspect contacted her victims through the Badoo social network, invited the men to the San Joaquín de Flores house, where they would be held until there was a payment.

Investigators explained it wasn’t a case of kidnapping or extortion, rather the victim would be robbed of cash and belongings.

Luring their victims through social media for robbery, sexual assault, extortion, and kidnapping has been reported in Mexico and several countries in South America.

The OIJ is asking anyone who has been a victim to report it 800-800-645.

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