COSTA RICA NEWS – Costa Rica’s own, Marcela Aguilar, has been hired by Apple as marketing director for its first wearables product in the Apple Watch. (Apple seems to be moving away from its “i” prefix for new products.)

Marcela Aguilar. Photo from AdAge
Marcela Aguilar. Photo from AdAge

According to AdAge, Apple’s latest hire was confirmed by current Gap marketing chief Seth Farbman, who noted Aguilar excelled in bringing together a diverse team that helped refresh the clothing company’s brand.

“Apple is getting a tested professional. Working on a major American brand like Gap means you are on a big stage, in bright lights, every day. That experience is priceless, and Apple demands people who know how to play at a high level,” Farbman said. “Also, her experience in simply communicating the value of meaningful design and developing ideas that create an emotion — rather than just communicate a product benefit — should serve her well at Apple.”

The publication reports Aguilar has a strong track record in international marketing, having served at ad agency BBDO for seven years before moving to Gap. During her tenure, she traveled to China, India and Brazil, all burgeoning markets for Apple.

At 35 Aguilar is a new mom — her son was born in April. She spoke to Ad Age about her memories of growing up on her family farm, where she milked cows, grew vegetables and made dirt “cakes”, in the mountains of Costa Rica. “It is great to have simple roots that remind you where you come from and what really is important,” she told Ad Age. “It guides my personal and professional decisions daily.”

Her first job was a receptionist at a small local ad agency in Costa Rica. “I was 18 and realized that I really loved advertising and marketing.”

Aguilar spent her undergraduate years at Universidad Latina de Costa Rica and got a graduate degree from Northwestern University. Gap is her first client-side job.

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