Screen capture from La nacion video
Screen capture from La Nacion video

Q COSTA RICA NEWS – With faith in her heart, a woman tossed her neighbour’s baby inside a bag to save it from the floods.

“Señor (God): if the baby is yours, take it, and if it is ours, save it,” was the plea by Rosa Emilia Villalta in placing the three-month old baby in a bag, tied to a rope to toss it to a neighbouring house, to save the child from the flood, reports La Nacion.

Screen capture from La nacion video
Screen capture from La Nacion video

The woman, a resident of Banasol, in Matina (Limon), made her choice as her house was about to be swept away by the Chirripo river. This was on Monday, when the force of the river broke a dike and flooded a number of homes. This was three days before Hurricane Otto making landfall Thursday morning.

“I threw out the clothes in the bag, I grabbed the baby, I placed it in it, I tied the bag and there it went: Grab it! I said while weeping because I could not see the bag until I heard ‘the baby it’s here!’ “, said Villalta.

Johanna Barboza, mother of the child, said for a moment she thought she had lost her son.

“Thank Got it was she (Rosa Emilia) who had the valor to throw in tin the piola (sic), I was very scared,” said Barboza.

The two women and baby are currently in the a shelter set up in the school in Venecia, Matina, waiting to be allowed to return to their community and see what is left of their homes.

“We have been treated well in the shelter, the people of the area have sent clothes because we could not get anything out on the day of the emergency,” added Villalta.

The shelter tonight is home to 140 people, according to the local emergency commission. Among them are 59 children.


Source La Nacion

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